• Find Your Contact

    For more information regarding corn stover treatment or for product inquiries please contact one of the following Mississippi Lime personnel:

    William Glaysher
    Sales Manager – Eastern Corn Belt

    Richard Perry
    Sales Manager – Western Corn Belt

    Dan Okenfuss
    Sales Manager – Southern Corn Belt

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  • StoverCal Products

    Mississippi Lime offers its feed grade StoverCalTM H for the treatment of corn stover and wheat straw.

    StoverCalTM H

    • StoverCalTM H 50 lb. Bag
    • StoverCalTM H 1500 lb. Super Sack
    • StoverCalTM H Bulk
    • StoverCalTM Liquid Calcium Hydroxide
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  • Process

    Treating agricultural residue (i.e. corn stover, wheat straw) with either calcium hydroxide (hydrated lime) or calcium oxide (quicklime) makes the residue more digestible and nutritious. Lime treatment raises the pH level of the stover or straw resulting in lower fiber lignin content. The higher pH breaks the bonds that link lignin to hemicellulose in the cell walls of the stover or straw.

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